From Outer Chaos to Inner Peace 
5 Day Challenge To Build Your Heart Resilience 
Dare to connect with your heart. You will be lifting not only yourself and those you love and care about, but also the world in which you live.
– Doc Childre, HeartMath Founder

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By saying NO to stress you are saying YES to yourself

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Monday, May 31st — Friday, June 4th, 2021

A Heartful Approach To Managing Stress


We know how it feels because we’ve been there. 

As a cardiologist, Madalina spent many years buying into the pervasive beliefs of the hustle and bustle of stress. She literally spent every waking moment, to the minute, making sure she was completing all the “have to’s” and “shoulds”. Until she ran dry and depleted, trying to fulfill the incessant expectations and pushing herself to work harder and do more, which led to severe stress, burnout and debilitating physical pain.

After moving to the U.S., Cris has spent years trying to find his place and create success for himself and his family. After multiple failed business he almost gave up on himself, tempted to settle for the comfortable average. The space between his reality and what he believed in his heart was possible, was often filled with crippling stress and anxiety

Until both went a journey of self discovery and personal growth, immersed in a plethora of programs for over a decade and learned a powerful, life-shifting lessons:

Stress, challenges, obstacles, conflicts are part of life. They will never go away.

Whether it’s the difficult boss at work, the demanding client, the conflict with your partner or your kid, the endless to-do lists, you can’t control when they happen or how challenging they are. 

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, anxious and worried. It’s part of life and part of your humanity. However you don’t want the stress to take over your life. 

If unchecked, this stress can lead to reactivity, inability to concentrate, physical pain or tension, difficulty sleeping, an overall state of depletion, lack of energy that can leave you wiped out. 

The natural tendency is to try to control or change the external circumstance that is causing you to feel stress.
You see, the secret to inner peace, balance and wellbeing is not about getting rid of stress so that you don’t feel stressed. It’s about discovering and tapping into your own inner resources.

It’s about creating an inner state of balance and building your resilience which allows you to powerfully show up to any challenge, no matter how difficult it may be, with an inner calm and wisdom. 

The key to the inner peace, balance, aliveness, joy, clarity and empowerment we desire is found through re-connection with our hearts and tuning into our innate heart intelligence. 

This allows us to uncover our most authentic, compassionate, powerful, courageous and expanded version of self. 

Living a heart-centered life ignites our inherent resilience to face life’s challenges from a higher, wiser, more grounded and expanded perspective.

Life is not about surviving, it’s about thriving.

Be more resilient in dealing with stressful and challenging situations that normally would overwhelm and bring you down. 
Have more awareness around how stress shows up in your life so you don’t get hijacked into stress cycles.
Feel more empowered to take action aligned with your values rather than action based on peer pressure and expectations.
 Self Love
Be more understanding, patient and loving with yourself and others.  
In This 5-Day Challenge 
You Will Learn How To:
  • Day 1: Start shifting from re-acting in life (which keeps you trapped in the cycle of stress and chaos) to heart-aligned action so you can start responding to life's challenges from the highest, expanded and most intelligent version of self. 
  • Day 2: Shift from listening to negative self-talk that keeps you stuck in cycle of stress and negativity to more positive self-talk that inspires you to act with empowerment.
  • Day 3: Start replacing negative habits with positive ones. This allows you to begin shifting from being stuck in stress and in a state of weakness towards a feeling of empowerment, aligned with your values and vision.
  • Day 4: Start showing up to life with a full heart, as a powerful version of your authentic self. You learn how to fill up your own love tank so that you show up to others with overflowing with love and energy, rather than the default of the depleted, stressed version of yourself. 
  • Day 5: Shift from the default of stress which keeps you tethered in scarcity mindset — directing our focus on lack, problems, on what’s wrong, limits, thus further enhancing our fear, anxiety, worry-driven behavior. When we begin to shift into abundance heartset, we start to tap into limitless possibilities, creative solutions, powerful manifestation of your desires, healthy relationship with self and others. 
"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all."
The Emperor, Mulan


Madalina Petrescu  
Cardiologist and Co-Creator of 
HeartQ Transformational Program 

Madalina is an acclaimed cardiologist who believes in holistic care and is an expert & leader in the medical field of cardiology. Being passionate about inner growth and personal development she immersed herself in a plethora of personal development programs to enhance personal discovery and deepen her consciousness. Now her passion is about guiding people to reach their fullest potential through their own powerful inner work. 

Madalina is known for:
*  International best selling author 
*  Consciousness Parenting Certified Coach
*  Reconective Healing Certified Practitioner
*  Kundalini Action Process Certified Facilitator
*  Cacao Ceremony Certified Facilitator
*  Akashic Records Certified Reader

Cris Agafi 
Co-Creator of the HeartQ Transformational Program 

Cris has been on a personal development journey for over a decade being part of numerous deep personal discovery experiences such as The Hoffman Process, Landmark, the Mankind Process, just to mention a few. One of his core beliefs is that anyone can transform their life if they have the courage to do the inner work necessary. His coaching style is based on heart-centered compassion and massive action. 

Cris is known for:
*  International best selling author 
*  Reconective Healing Certified Practitioner
*  Kundalini Action Process Certified Facilitator
*  Cacao Ceremony Certified Facilitator
*  Akashic Records Certified Reader

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